Walk to School Day

What is Walk to School Day?

International Walk to School Day takes place on the first Wednesday of October each year. This event first began in 1997 to bring awareness to the need for walkable communities. During this event, students from all over the world are encouraged to walk or bike to school with their families to not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but to show the need for safer and more accessible streets as well as cleaner air. 

We encourage you to head to http://walkbiketoschool.org/ for more information, as well as to check out all of the schools participating.

Important Info and Details

As we have four different elementary schools in the area, we will have four different meeting spots for students to join us. We would love for each student to get creative with their participation. Make signs to carry, make a walking school bus, and bring your enthusiasm!

Walk to School Day18-page-001It's free, but we still need all students registered by October 8th to ensure we have plenty of volunteers on-hand at each location! 

Prairie Creek Elementary School

PC Route-page-001

  Spring Hill Elementary School

SH Route-page-001

Timber Sage Elementary School

TS Route-page-001

Wolf Creek Elementary School

WC Route-page-001