At the Spring Hill Recreation Commission, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of programs and activities for our community, both young and old. It is our hope that you will consider providing your financial support this year, as it is critical to the success of our programs, as well as our scholarship funds. We do our best to operate all of our programs in a way that every child can participate, regardless of the cost involved.

The Spring Hill Recreation Commission is continuing to grow and expand each year. We are seeing a steady rise in our numbers with each sport played, as well as each activity introduced. We offer more than twenty special events each year, most of which are completely free to the community.

For checks, please fill out this FORM and mail your check to: 

Marie Haney
Attn: Sponsorships
501 N Webster St
Spring Hill, KS 66083

If you're interested in an in-kind sponsorship or to discuss a different sponsorship combination, please email Marie at marieh@springhillrec.org 

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsorship ($3000)

The Platinum Sponsorship includes: 

  • Sign at Sports Complex
  • Logo on baseball/softball OR basketball jerseys
  • Logo on SHRC cups
  • Logo on event t-shirts
  • Logo on website
  • Logo at The Vault Esports facility 
  • Logo signage at events

Gold Sponsorship ($2000) 

The Gold Sponsorship includes: 

  • Sign at the Sports Complex
  • Logo on all U4 shirts
  • Logo on SHRC cups
  • Logo on event t-shirts
  • Logo on website
  • Business name at The Vault Esports facility
  • Small logo signage at events 

Silver Sponsorship ($1000)

The Silver Sponsorship includes: 

  • Sign at SHELA Fields
  • Logo on flag football OR youth volleyball jerseys
  • Small logo on event t-shirts
  • Small logo on website
  • Name signage at events 

Bronze Sponsorship ($500)

The Bronze Sponsorship includes: 

  • Logo signage at all adult activities
  • Name on event t-shirt
  • Name on website
  • Name signage at events 

A La Carte Sponsorships