Volunteer With Us!

Need hours for a class at school? Need a resume booster? Need something to do on the weekend? Just want to connect with your community and give back? Volunteer with us!

We can always use more help at events! Whether that be setting up before an event, assisting with an activity at an event, or helping to clean up after an event, any and all help is greatly appreciated! If you want to specifically volunteer for one event, let us know on the form below! If you are available to be contacted for every event we have on a case-by-case basis, let us know on the form below! We will take any volunteers available and we will try our best to work around your availability as well! There is no commitment when you fill out the form, we will contact you before an event to check your availability and if you are not available, no worries! You can be taken off of our contact list whenever you want.

If you have questions, please call Erin (our Special Events Program Supervisor) at 913-592-2214 ext. 102 or email her.

Online Application

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