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City Park


  1. Gazebo
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Playground
  4. Water Hydrant
The City Park is located 3 blocks west of Webster Street at the intersection of Hale and Washington. It is a full city block in size. Amenities include mature shade trees, picnic tables, a large gazebo, swings and playground equipment as well as access to electrical outlets and an outdoor water hydrant. There is also a commemorative water feature of the city's sesquicentennial birthday.

Improvements this fall will include the addition of a sidewalk from the east parking lot to the playground, the old playground border will be replaced with new landscape timbers and new mulch will replace the old pea gravel. All park amenities are available on a first come first served basis; however, in order to use the electrical and water utilities, you must call the Public Work's office at 913-592-3317 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule.
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